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  1. Officially-Affiliated Websites
  2. Local HRSFA Counterparts
  3. Membership Interests (2005-2006)

Officially-Affiliated Websites

  • Harvard: Our sponsor and where we get our education
  • Vericon: Our annual late January convention
  • Fusion: Our annually-published literary magazine
  • IgNobels: Our co-sponsored annual prizes for weird science
  • Puzzle Hunt: Our annual team-based puzzle-solving competition
  • HRSFANS: Our alumni organization, for HRSFAlums who've already graduated

Local HRSFA Counterparts

  • BORG: Brandeis Official Readers' Guild
  • CUSFS: Columbia University Science Fiction Society
  • MITSFS: Massachusetts Institute of Technology Science Fiction Society
  • NESFA: New England Science Fiction Association
  • Nexus: Yale University's gaming and role-playing group
  • SSFFS: Smith Science Fiction and Fantasy Society
  • WSFFS: Wellesley Science Fiction and Fantasy Society

Membership Interests (2005-2006)

Though some members have expressed interest in the following, HRSFA in no way takes any responsibility for sponsoring or otherwise endorsing any of the organizations, food, hobbies, or websites below. You have been warned!

Spacefleet Academy: Harvard

Supply Station: Food

  • Hong Kong Restaurant: We hope they set up their own website soon, because based on how often we eat there, we clearly believe they have the best food in the galaxy.

VR Simulation: Films, Interactives, Television

Off-Duty Entertainment: Games

Military Strategy: Literature

Cadets and Personnel: Websites

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