HRSFA Officers 2022-2023

HRSFA's offficers are there for you! If you have any questions about HRSFA, don't hesitate to contact any of the officers.
Position Description Current Holder(s)
Co-Chairs Overall coordinators. The co-chairs spearhead recruitment, fill out paperwork and coordinate SIGs, as well as generally make sure that everything that needs to get done gets done. Ryan Golemme '23, Joanna Boyland '23
Major-domo Gaming master. Runs Gaming SIG, and plans the fall and spring parties, alongside other misc. club events. Generally a force for social cohesion in the club. Elias DeLeon '23
Exchequer Treasurer. The exchequer looks after HRSFA's funds, applies for grants and distributes membership cards. Stephon Fagan-Avery '23
Seneschal Secretary and master of mailing lists. The seneschal keeps track of membership, manages the mailing lists, and takes notes at general and board meetings. Vacant
Librarian The librarian runs the HRSFA library and looks after its maintenance. They also look after and represent HRSFA's quadlings. Vacant
Webmaster Maintains the very website you are reading right now, as well as the Fusion site. Vacant
Fusion Editor-in-Chief Runs Fusion Magazine, Harvard's only speculative fiction magazine on campus. Ryan Golemme '23

Interested in becoming an officer?

We'd love for you to run. Elections occur at the start of the spring semester, and we send out an email about specific procedures over the HRSFA email list prior to the election.