Join HRSFA in three easy steps.

1: Join our mailing list and discord!

All our events are announced via email and discord, so joining them is important. Send an email to to be added to our email list, and we'll send you a link to our discord as well!

2: Come to an event!

We always love to see new faces at any of our weekly SIGs, or our larger events. Eat some cookies and play a board game, watch some Star Trek, or whatever fits your fancy.

3: ...That's it!

If you show up and enjoy what we have to offer, you are a part of HRSFA! Voting in elections, or getting access to the HRSFA Library, is only a matter of staying in the loop via email. Be sure to keep on the lookout for general meetings, where we discuss big news about the organization and even make new SIGs!

Not convinced? Here are the benefits of being a HRSFA member.

Social Interaction

We are a social club. There is nowhere else at Harvard that you'll find so many people who share your interests in speculative fiction (science-fiction, fantasy, horror, anime, comics, television series) and gaming (boardgames, cards, computer/console/video, and role-playing).

Unparalleled Opportunities

We've had guest speakers such as Joe Haldeman, Terry Pratchett, and Catherine Asaro. We are your source for a group discount to Anime Boston. Our library has a huge collection of sci-fi and fantasy material, with more than 3000 books and games that members can check out at any time. With our mailing lists and our social network, you'll always be in on the most up-to-date developments in science fiction and fantasy.

Lots of Gaming

Boardgames, from shorter games like Settlers of Catan to longer games like Talisman and Diplomacy. Card games, from collectible games like Magic: The Gathering to casual party games like Apples to Apples to traditional games like draw poker. Video games, both of the computer and console varieties. Miniatures and wargaming. Role-playing, both of the tabletop and live-action varieties, including our own invention, Live-Action Clue. You name it, we'll play it. Plus, we organize Dungeons and Dragons groups every semester!

Low Commitment

Or rather, as much of a commitment as you want it to be. We're all Harvard students, and we understand that as a Harvard student, you have millions of things to do and only twenty-four hours a day. Even after you join, you never need to do anything with us unless you want to. So focus on your academic work and your other extracurriculars if you want. Just know that if you're ever looking to relax, play some games, watch some movies, discuss speculative fiction, or just hang out with people, you can count on us to have an activity for you. No one is expected to come to all the events or participate in all the SIGs; just go to the ones you think you'll enjoy.