We have a lot of interests.

The heart of the Harvard-Radcliffe Science Fiction Association are the Special Interest Groups (SIGs). Any HRSFA member can attempt to create a SIG on just about any area of interest; just bring it up at one of our general meetings and we will work to get it running- if there's enough interest, it will become an official SIG! Below find our active SIGs in alphabetical order.

Anime SIG

Come hang out with us and watch anime, in cooperation with the Harvard Anime Society! We watch whatever people request. This has, in recent semesters, been a mix of older shows that most people may not have seen, like One Outs! or Chihayafuru, and currently airing shows that people are excited about -- think Yuri!! On Ice and Erased. We also organise group outings (with subsidised tickets!) to Anime Boston and other conventions!

Anime SIG.

Baking SIG.
Baking SIG.

Baking SIG

Every Friday night, we bake delicious treats- they make the perfect pair for the board games. Come destress and bake with us! We usually make simple, tasty fare, like brownies, cookies and cakes under the fearless guidance of whatever current Baker Extroardinaire graces us with their presence. Lots of improvisation, but it always turns out alright! When we're feeling ambitious, we make cool and elaborate sci-fi or fantasy-themed desserts.

Book SIG

Do you like reading and discussing books? Then come on down to Book SIG, our weekly sci-fi/fantasy literature group! Book SIG meetings often start with a discussion topic as a conversation starter, leaving members free to discuss whatever they’ve been reading recently and learn some recommendations. The latter half of Book SIG is devoted to individual reading time, giving you some time out of your busy schedule to sit down with others and read that book you’ve been meaning to try.

Book SIG.

Comic SIG.

Comics SIG

Each month, Comics SIG schedules a variety of special events for comic book fans. If you have any interest in drawing, reading comics, or watching superhero movies, Comics SIG is the group for you! Comics SIG hosts monthly “Doodle Jams” where doodlers and creators get together with their sketchbooks, accompanied by good tunes and baked goods. Comics SIG also schedules screenings of movies and TV shows based on comic books and graphic novels.

Cosplay Not-a-SIG

Say goodbye to your lonely con-crunches with Cosplay Not-a-SIG! Meetings are held somewhat sporadically, and are inversely proportional to time left before a convention.Come and work on whatever cosplay strikes your fancy. In the past, this has been a chill way for cosplayers on campus to come together and finish up whatever costume work they have left, as well as share knowledge, stories, and equipment (sewing machine, anyone?) Trips to The Artist's Asylum's bi-weekly cosplay nights are also in the works.

Anime SIG members cosplaying.


D&D Not-a-SIG

We always have a myriad of Dungeons and Dragons campaigns meeting weekly, and we'd love for you to join. Our campaigns welcome beginners as well as veterans, and we're always looking for game masters of all experience levels. At the start of every semester, we send out an email on hrsfa-social about how to get involved in D&D that semester, as a game master or player. If you're interested, we'll make sure you're included! Furthermore, our library has a large collection of (especially old-school) D&D and World of Darkness sourcebooks. Our campaigns and the people in them are very diverse. We have some campaigns which are combat-heavy and some which are almost entirely about roleplaying. Whatever you like in role-playing, find it here!

Gaming SIG

Every Friday night, in Quincy basement, we eat delicious baked goods, play board games and hang out. We have a large board game collection and love to see new faces. And if you have a fun game, board or video, which you would like to play, bring it over! We'd love to play it with you.

Some of our board gaming collection
Some of our board gaming peoples

Cookies and milk

Milk & Cookies

Milk & Cookies is storytime at its finest. Come bring a poem, short story, or a couple pages from your favorite book and read them aloud to fellow club members, all while enjoying delicious snacks of--you guessed it--milk and cookies. Don’t have anything to share? No problem: you’re more than welcome to just chill and listen! Kick back, relax, and enjoy the stories.

Other SIGs

There are more? Yes! Other SIGs often include Magic: the Gathering SIG and Star Trek SIG. Retired SIGs (that you can revive!) include Horror SIG, Origami SIG, Game Design SIG, Cartoon SIG, Rooster Teeth SIG, amongst many others!

Many others!