We have a lot of interests.

The heart of the Harvard-Radcliffe Science Fiction Association are the Special Interest Groups, called SIGs for short. Any HRSFA member can attempt to create a SIG on just about any area of interest. SIGs with more than eight members can be approved as real SIGs by the general membership; many others continue to exist as unofficial SIGs. The rest of this page contains alphabetical lists of HRSFA SIGs, divided into those active and those that have no longer exist through lack of interest. See the main page for the weekly SIG schedule.

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Some of our board gaming collection

Gaming SIG

Every Friday night,in Quincy basement, we eat delicious baked goods, play board games and hang out.

Baking SIG. Not our baking! Picture by Stu Spivack, licensed under CC-By-SA.

Baking SIG

Every Friday night, we bake delicious baked goods for the board games to come.

Fandom SIG

Fandom SIG

On Monday nights, we meet to discuss what's happening in our fandoms.

HRSFA members pose theatrically with their favourite fantasy/sci-fi weapons.


We always have three or four DND campaigns meeting weekly, and we'd love for you to join. Our campaigns welcome beginners as well as veterans, and we're always looking for game masters of all experience levels.

Anime SIG members cosplaying.

Anime SIG

On Friday, come watch anime with us before you board game!

Many others!

Many more!

We have tons more going on; click to find out what.