The HRSFA Library

The HRSFA library is a large collection of speculative fiction literature, including science-fiction, fantasy, and horror. It also includes the official history of HRSFA, the Apocrypha HRSFAlogicae, as well as a sizable assortment of games, movies, comics, and miscellaneous objects. It is open to all dues-paid members; rules for using and checking out material are posted inside the library. For more information, contact the librarian. The HRSFA library began as a book-swap consisting of a few small boxes. Then, Mike Ciaraldi donated hundreds of books, and soon afterwards, James McCarthy donated almost as many books as Mike Ciaraldi did. Alozie Nwosu '95 began the comic book collection. In 1995, Mike Gleeson '96 obtained the Pamela Trigg Jimenez Reading Room in PfoHo (which was then called North House) to store the books. The scattered novels were put in order by Elisabeth Cohen '06 in early 2003. The disarrayed comic books were organized by Vincent Yeh '06 in April 2003. Sometime after this, the library was moved to Harvard's SOCH student group space. The library was organised and catalogued by Robbie Eginton '16 and others, and came to be the place it is today.

The HRSFA Library is located in the SOCH. Go to the third floor, turn left, and look for the door with the poster with dragons on it- room 328. To gain access to the HRSFA Library, request the code from our Librarian at

Our library, set up for Visitas.